Weekend on the Beach

Hi loves! How are you?

This month was very busy and, therefore, I did not have much time to make longer trips. Besides, this summer is making an unbearable heat, and unfortunately, in the city that I live in, there is no beach – imagine this for a Carioca! So, since I can not sit still, I managed to get out of the rut and took the road with her husband to spend the weekend at the beach.

The destination? Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, which is 4 hours drive from here.


A lot of the same

The first thing that caught my attention was the number of beachwear shops and golf clubs – ranging from the themed mini-golf to the more professional clubs. Everywhere you look, on every corner and on every street you can find them. I confess I found it funny, but it was very interesting to see how the economy there revolves around these niches and popular tourism.

Another interesting curiosity is that the Ferris wheel is the largest on the east coast of the United States.


We went to two restaurants that surprised me positively regarding the setting.

The first restaurant we went to is called Wicked Tuna. For me, his strong point was the view. We stayed in the outside area and even the excessive heat was not a problem as there was a breeze.

The second was an amazing experience! The restaurant is called Collectors Cafe & Gallery and, besides having incredible food, it is also an art gallery!

The owner of the establishment exhibits his paintings and sculptures of other artists, in all environments. It was wonderful! I did not know if I ate or admired everything around me.


We stayed at the home of a friend who lives in the area. However, what else you have are options for hotels and resorts with a beach view and affordable prices.

The most important: The beach!

Unfortunately, I did not have much time to enjoy the beach. Besides, it was very windy and the sea was very rough. However, I had the chance to sit down a bit to feel the breeze and take a dip. And yes, it’s worth it! The beach is very beautiful, even more so if viewed from the Ferris wheel or the pier.

I hope you have enjoyed this fun and accessible tip to get out of the rut.


Dani Baumgardner

Credits: Gary Baumgardner, explorenorthmyrtlebeach.com, vacationmyrtlebeach.com, charmcityconcirge.com

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