Just a little bit about me

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, I would describe myself as person who is very connected to nature 
and fascinated by the human being. But, it was at 
age 19, when I graduated from Fashion Desing and 
started working for renowned brandsin my hometown, that my life began to take shape. For few years I 
split my time between career and many other 
passions, until I  learned that I had much more to explore. 
Gradually, all the plans I had made for my future 
suffered a turnaround. I began to go deeper into 
this universe of possibilities and see my attitudes and appearance as a non-verbal expression of all 
Since then, everytime I travel, every design I 
develop, every sport I practice, everything I read, everything I see, every person I meet, adds 
something to me and transforms me a little inside 
and out. 
Today, I live in USA, I adhere to vegetarianism as a way of respecting the nature and the other beings living in it, and - despite my busy life - I am 
always in search of my balance and communion with