Italian Wedding

This year (2017) I had the wonderful opportunity to be one of my best friend’s bridesmaid in Italy.

Since the bride and groom have a good taste, I already knew it would be beautiful. But they did even better than I was expecting!

The couple lives in Milan, so they chose the beautiful Castello di Marne in Bergamo to celebrate the matrimony.

All the decor was in perfect harmonic with their style and the venue’s architecture.

The buffet … – ouch, the buffet! I still dream about it. rs … – totally vegetarian and full of surprises! Tables for appetizers for all tastes, including a whole table only for different types of cheese. Dinner with three main courses. And for dessert, 3 rooms of the entire castle of sweets, including a chocolate fountain and gelato made with liquid hydrogen.

After all, the result was an elegant marriage mixing perfectly Brazilian and Italian cultures. Not to mention it was sooo fun and made friends that I want to keep for life!

The Bride

❤ Cheers to the couple! ❤


Dani Baumgardner

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