Milan 2017

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I know I took a lot of time to do this post, but I was very disappointed to not have the complete material to write about the trip. Unfortunately, the memory card of the camera “gave stick” and lost several photos of the trip, including mine at the Duomo.

Either way, it was such an amazing experience that I could not help but share. So let’s go!

First impressions

What always came to mind when talking about Milan was the fact that it was one of the biggest fashion capitals, of course! And yes, you can see this in the way people dress. However, this city is much more than that! It’s a place full of possibilities, nice people, great restaurants, an intense nightlife, wonderful food and lots of cultures!

Places you have to visit

Duomo di Milano: The Gothic-style cathedral that began to be built in 1386 is undoubtedly one of the most important tourist attractions in the city. All the details are breathtaking! For lovers of history, art, and architecture, this must be the first place in the script. You can spend hours admiring the place inside and out.

Gallery Vittorio Emanuele II: Inaugurated in 1877, the gallery is considered one of the oldest shopping malls in the world and is only a few steps from the Duomo. So, take advantage of the proximity to take a look at the beautiful architecture, admire the windows of some of the most luxurious brands in the world and, maybe even make some shopping!

Castello Sforzesco: The sumptuous castle inaugurated in 1499 by Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan, is part of the list of things you have to see! Today, the site that was the granary of some works of Leonardo da Vinci, at the request of the duke, has been transformed into a museum and is open to visitors.

Santa Maria delle Grazie: Also having its construction been ordered by Duke Sforza and was completed in 1469. The place is part of the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO and houses one of the most famous works in the world, The Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci.

Fashion Capital

Milan exudes fashion, from the fashion shops – oh, the shops!  – even the inhabitants of the city.

Even the department stores that exist around the world have a better selection made there. Some pieces that I certainly would not find in these same stores here in the United States. In addition, it is worth taking a walk in the “fashion quadrangle”.

But it is also no wonder, after all, that the city is part of the calendar of the most important fashion weeks in the world!

The food

Italy, right people? Wonderful food. But one thing that struck me very positively, was the amount of vegetarian and vegan options everywhere I went. (I.e.

       Where to eat:

Cocotte: Try breakfast or brunch in this cute and cozy bakery. A croissant with coffee is a great way to start the day.

Cioccolati Italiani: When you have a chance, take a wonderful gelato from there. There are 6 stores in Milan, but if you are already in the Duomo area, there is one in Via San Raffaele.

Il Bar: Drinks overlooking the Duomo? This is the place! The drinks are good and the view is amazing.

Fioraio Bianchi Caffè: Take time between 6 pm and 8 pm to enjoy a traditional “Apéritif” where you pay a fee as much as you want.

Osteria Conchetta: It is worth going to dinner and try the wonderful risotto with vodka inside the Grana Panado cheese.


We stayed in an Airbnb in the Corrobio area and we loved it as it is close to several sights of the city. But, if you like to stay in a hotel, there are great options too.


I’m honestly not very lucky because on the days we were there, there was a taxi strike and me, speaking Italian the way I do, couldn’t t explain exactly where I was to the Uber driver. Imagine…

However, as in all of Europe, it is very easy to use the subway and nice to go places walking and watching.

Unfortunately, we did not have much time to leave Milan, but if you have more time than we had, I recommend taking a Rail Europe train and exploring as much as you can from the old continent.

If you have already been or want to go to Milan, leave a comment with your experiences or expectations.


Dani Baumgardner

My wedding day

July is a very special month for me, because it was the month that I officially announced to the world I would spend the rest of my life with Gary, the love of my life, and it’s why I decided to write this post. I want to share a little of my experience and to remember this amazing moment. After all, good times should always be remembered and celebrated!

To explain my inspirations for the wedding, I’ll tell a little of our story as well.

Long story short. Gary is a young pilot who loves to travel to every corner of the world. In November 2013 the perfect opportunity to visit Brazil came up. A Brazilian friend invited Gary to spend a few days in Rio de Janeiro.
At that time, I was working in that great city in the fashion industry with very little time to go out with my friends.
After a few days of fun in Brazil, Gary was enjoying his final night when he received an unexpected “match” notification in a relationship application (yes, that is it, Tinder!). The “match” had been with me, who was sitting at home with the application after an exhausting day of work. The brief excitement of the “match” faded to disappointment as we realized we would not have the opportunity to meet in person. Gary left for US the next day.
After a few months of sporadic conversations, we discovered that we had more in common than we could ever imagine. Both of us love to travel, play sports and we even share the same faith. It was then that we realized that there was a great chance that friendship would become something else. So we began talking more often and excitement grew as we began planning a face-to-face meeting.

Finally, six months later, Gary planned a flight in May of 2014 to Brazil to meet me (ohhhhhhh … ?). Upon landing at the airport, there was one more surprise – but this time, for him – I researched and found which flight Gary was coming in on. Without telling him, I was waiting for him at the international landing. I still remember the surprise on his face he did when he saw me for the first time. Gary’s jaw dropped, blinked his eyes and could only stammer… “Whaaaat ???” And it was at this moment that he said he was sure that I was the woman of his life. ?
The 5 day amazing whirlwind that followed was very intense! He asked me to date him and Gary was introduced to EVERYBODY – that’s right, – to my family. But I still needed to be introduced to his family and friends, right? So he invited me to go to his hometown, Seattle, and Gary surprised me with a ticket for 9 days later !!! ?

My mother, as any “only child’s” neurotic mom, was very worried and would not let me go. It was then that Gary decided to make a video to convince my mother that I would be safe and in good hands. In the video, he showed his house, talked a little about his life, introduced the family members and even asked his mother to talk about her routine as a musician and had his mother even sing a song in the home studio. It worked! ? The video softened my mother’s heart and I traveled! (Uhuuuul !!!)to Washington State for the first time.
For many months, our relationship developed in the midst of travel between the United States and Brazil, text and Skype
In December 2014, we made a romantic trip to Petropolis, a mountain region of Rio de Janeiro and Gary asked me to marry him! ❤
The big day was finally set 9 July 2016 was the day. The ceremony and reception were held at the amazing Casa de Santa Teresa, with a breathtaking views of the Sugar Loaf and under the famous, Christ Redeemer statue. We had the gift of 150 friends and family, including 40 who came from outside Brazil just for the event. Cute, huh?
For the celebration I selected the theme “Journey to the Tropical Paradise” – yes, I used this in the deco of my wedding. ? The decor was warm in color and rustic style, utilizing many elements with references to the trip and the fact that Gary is a pilot. Each guest received an invitation in the form of an airline ticket and passport, paper airplanes replacing the traditional rice, world globe as “guestbook”, the cake had map design and each guest was given a small cake in form of a suitcase.
Brazilians, on the other hand, had the samba and the wonderful city landscape. ?

I will confess that I still miss that day❣

Invitations made by me ?


Making Off

The wedding

The Wedding short video

Video about how we met

• Wedding Planner: Cohen Cerimonial
• Venue: Casa de Santa Teresa
• Decor: Art Decore Flores
• Furniture: Mineirart
• Invitations: Daniele Baumgardner
• Cerimony band: Sonoros            Coral e Orquestra
• Samba band: Panela di Barro
• DJ invited: Teddy Zany
• DJ: Marcelo Lyrio – Sound Factory
• Buffet and bar: Arte dos Sabores
• Sweets: Louzieh Doces Finos
• Cake: Angélica Bolos
• Small cakes: Adélia
• Cake top: Loren Kawada – Loren artes
• Veggie burgers: Hareburguer
• Photos: V Rebel Cinema One
• Video: Magic Filmes
• Dress: Henrique Andrade
• Shoes: Jimmy Choo
• Makeup: Emanuelle Guerra – Manu Guerra Makeup
• Hair Style: Eliane Gallega – Manu Guerra Makeup
• Making off: Altos de Santa Teresa

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Dani Baumgardner


Julho é um mês muito especial para mim, pois foi o mês em que troquei alianças com o amor da minha vida. Portanto, resolvi fazer este post para contar um pouquinho da minha experiência e relembrar este momento. Afinal, momentos bons devem sempre ser lembrados!

Para explicar um pouquinho das minhas inspirações para o casamento, vou contar um pouquinho da nossa história também.

Gary é um piloto jovem que ama viajar para todos os cantos do mundo. Em Novembro de 2013 a oportunidade perfeita de conhecer o Brasil surgiu. Um amigo brasileiro convidou Gary para passar uns dias por aqui. 
No Rio de Janeiro, estava eu, trabalhando na indústria da moda com pouquíssimo tempo para sair com os amigos. 
Após alguns dias de diversão no Brasil, Gary estava em sua última noite por aqui e pronto para ir embora quando recebeu uma notificação inesperada de “match” em um aplicativo de relacionamentos (Tinder, ele mesmo!?).  O tal “match” havia sido em um momento em que eu estava brincando com o aplicativo após um dia exaustivo de trabalho. Porém, apesar de ser algo que mudaria para sempre o nosso destino, não seria desta vez que nos conheceríamos pessoalmente.
Depois de alguns meses de conversas esporádicas, nós descobrimos que tínhamos mais em comum do que imaginavamos. Ambos amam viajar, fazer esportes e partilhamos até da mesma fé.
Foi então que percebemos que havia uma grande chance de aquela amizade se tornar algo mais. Assim, começamos a conversar com muito mais frequência e passamos a planejar um encontro cara-a-cara.
Em Maio de 2014, finalmente Gary voltou ao Brasil para me conhecer pessoalmente (ohhhhhhh…? ). Ao chegar no aeroporto, mais uma surpresa – mas desta vez, para ele – eu descobri em qual vôo ele estaria e o estava esperando no desembarque internacional. Lembro até hoje da carinha que ele fez quando me viu. rs… Arregalou os olhos e só conseguiu dizer: “Whaaaat???” e foi neste momento que ele diz ter tido certeza que eu era a mulher da vida dele. ?
Os 5 dias que se seguiram foram muito intensos! Ele me pediu em namoro e Gary foi apresentado à TODA – isso mesmo, TODA – a minha família. Mas ainda faltava eu ser apresentada à família e amigos dele, né? Então ele me convidou para ir à sua cidade de origem, Seattle, e me surpreendeu com uma passagem para 9 dias depois!!! ? Minha mãe, como uma boa mãe neurótica de filha única, ficou suuuuuper preocupada e não queria deixar eu ir. Foi então que o Gary decidiu fazer um vídeo para convencer a minha mãe de que não teria problema eu ir. No vídeo, ele mostrou a casa, falou um pouco sobre sua vida, apresentou os membros da família e pediu até para a mãe dele falar sobre sua rotina como musicista e dar uma palhinha cantando em seu estúdio doméstico.  Funcionou! ? O vídeo amoleceu o coração da minha mãe e eu viajei! (uhuuuul!!!)
Por meses o nosso relacionamento foi se desenvolvendo em meio a viagens entre Estados Unidos e Brasil.
Em Dezembro de 2014, fizemos uma viagem romântica à Petrópolis, região serrana do Rio de Janeiro e ele me pediu em casamento! ❤
Dia 9 Julho de 2016, foi o dia! A cerimônia e recepção foram realizadas na Casa de Santa Teresa, com uma vista de tirar o fôlego do Pão de Açúcar e sob o Cristo Redentor. Tivemos a presença de 150 convidados, entre eles 40 que vieram de fora do Brasil apenas para o evento. Fofos, né?
A festa que teve como temática “Viagem ao paraíso tropical” – sim, eu coloquei nome na decoração do meu casamento. ? A decoração foi em cores quentes e estilo rústico, além de muitos elementos com referências a viagem e ao fato do Gary ser piloto. Teve convite em formato de passagem aérea e passaporte, aviõezinhos de papel em substituição ao tradicional arroz, globo terrestre como “guestbook”, bolo com desenho do mapa mundi e bem-casados dentro de malinhas para fazer menção ao encerramento da viagem na esteira de bagagem.
Já a brasilidade ficou por conta do samba e da paisagem da cidade maravilhosa.?

Confesso, ainda sinto saudades daquele dia❣

Curiosos para ver???

Então, lá vai ?

Convites feitos por mim. ?

Os detalhes da decoração

Making Off

O casamento

Vídeo do casamento (versão curta)

Vídeo sobre como nos conhecemos

Ficha técnica:
• Cerimonial: Cohen Cerimonial
• Local: Casa de Santa Teresa
• Cenografia: Art Decore Flores
• Decoração: Daniele Abrahão (noiva) e Art Decore Flores
• Móveis: Mineirart
• Convites: Daniele Abrahão (noiva)
• Celebrantes: Pr.João Costa e Pr. Ilmar Lima – Igreja Vineyard Central
• Música da cerimônia: Sonoros            Coral e Orquestra
• Banda de samba: Panela di Barro
• Participação especial: DJ Teddy Zany
• DJ principal: Marcelo Lyrio – Sound Factory
• Buffet e bar: Arte dos Sabores
• Doces: Louzieh Doces Finos
• Bolo: Angélica Bolos
• Bem-Casados: Adélia
• Noivinhos: Loren Kawada – Loren artes
• Mini-hambúrgueres vegetarianos: Hareburguer
• Fotografia: V Rebel Cinema One
• Filmagem: Magic Filmes
• Vestido: Henrique Andrade
• Sapatos da noiva: Jimmy Choo
• Maquiagem da noiva: Emanuelle Guerra – Manu Guerra Makeup
• Penteado da noiva: Eliane Gallega – Manu Guerra Makeup
• Cabelo da noiva: André Vital
• Cabelo e maquiagem das madrinhas: Geh Santos
• Dia da noiva: Altos de Santa Teresa

Gostou? Comente e me deixe saber o que você curtiu mais!

Beijos, ?

Dani Baumgardner[:]