Road Trip – New Zealand 2017

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Although super late, I could not fail to make this post telling a bit of how was my experience of spending 18 days traveling this wonderful island.

A beautiful country!

Do you know those images of New Zealand that we see in Pinterest or films with super blue waters, fields that shine so green, sea and mountain meet? So, they are the purest reality!

The population may be considered small for the size of the territory. Just so you have a notion, they have the same population of Ireland spread over a territory 4 times larger. Or if you prefer, a territory the size of the state of São Paulo with a population 10 times smaller.

So wherever you go you will be able to admire the island’s natural and almost untouched beauty, which is filled with crystal clear water, the greener foliage I have seen in life and many, many sheep! It is no exaggeration, the population of sheep that today is of 6 ewes per inhabitant, in its golden times it was 20 sheep per capita. Almost unbelievable, right?

The RV

This was certainly the biggest adventure of the trip. We rented one of these RV’s with 3 double beds, full bath, and kitchen. Making Road Trip is the most common way to travel around New Zealand, it is very easy to find companies that rent these types of vehicles at very affordable prices and the experience is fun.

But if I were to make the same trip today, I would rent a very comfortable car for half the price, stop at good campgrounds and rent a room. I’ll explain why. The VR depends on a lot of maintenance and in our case, we needed to be connected to a special power cable to use most functions (ex: lights, stove, hot water …) and the only place that is possible Connect these cables guess where it is? In the campsites paid! That is, in the end, instead of using our kitchen and bathroom, we used the campsites, which were much more comfortable.

Do not miss

There are many beautiful places that even in the two weeks we stayed there, it was not possible to visit. But here are some places we went and things we did that super recommend!

  • Onsen Hot Pools

There are several places in the area with this same concept of private booths with a kind of hot tub and as sometimes it is a bit difficult to get a schedule on the Onsen Hot Pools, we got to go on one another before. But there is no way, if you go to New Zealand and want to have a moment of relaxation with a wonderful view and spectacular service, this is the place!

Reservations are made by the site. Each cabin can hold up to 4 people and the session lasts 1 hour. There are several package options ranging from the most basic, only with the right to use the cabin and filtered water for each person, even the most expensive that can include snacks, champagne, and massage.

  • Take a little lamb on your lap

We were lucky because we were in October and this is the time when most of the little lambs are being born.

To get one of these cute little pets, you can go to one of the many farms that are open for visitation, or, as was our case, find some farmer in a tourist center to bring pet sheep so people can get close.

  • Glowworm Caves

There are several of these scattered around the two islands. We went by the Real Journeys in Te Anau, South Island.

They are caves where some mosquitoes lay their eggs. When they leave the eggs, they still leave as larvae and it is these larvae that shine in the dark caves and make the ceiling of the cave look like a starry sky. It’s beautiful!

By Opticoverload

  • Church of the Good Shepherd

It is a beautiful stone chapel inaugurated in 1935. During the day, the chapel complements the view of Lake Tekapo and, because it is very affected by the city, during the night the visitors can observe it under a beautiful starry sky.


  • Fergburger

The waiting line is large because the place is always crowded. But the wait is worth it as the burgers are delicious. Not to mention that, like most establishments in New Zealand, they have vegetarian (uhuuulll …?) And gluten-free options.

  By Chelsea and Val

  • Skyline Queenstown

It is a complex close to the city center where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city while having a drink in the bar or tasting the delights of the restaurant. But if you like a bit more adrenaline, you can also have fun driving luges, hiking, mountain biking and even jumping bungee jumping. In addition, the place also runs at night for stargazing.

Access to the complex is done through a gondola that leads to the top of the mountain where the complex is located. To learn more about the venue or to buy tickets early, visit the Skyline website.

By: NZ Travel

By: Queenstown Life

  • Rippon Vineyard

There are numerous wineries in New Zealand that are well worth visiting. Rippon, the oldest in the city of Wanaka, offers daily tasting with an incredible landscape.

  • Wanaka Tree

The tree that was born alone without explanation in the middle of the lake is a tourist attraction in the South Island of the country and, as it could not stop being, I had to go check.

  • Arrowtown

A cute little town near Queenstown where it’s worth spending the afternoon. In addition to seeming old movie scenario, the city has excellent cafes and small shops.

By: Audley

  • Auckland

New Zealand’s largest city is on the North Island. There are numerous bars, restaurants, and most beautiful scenery to explore.

  • Giapo (ice cream)

The line can scare you away, but Giapo’s ice cream is not just photogenic, it’s a delight !!! There is no way to go to New Zealand and stop experimenting.

If you are thinking of going to New Zealand, I hope I have helped you with some ideas. If you’ve ever been there, comment below what you liked the most in the country.

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